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Acrylic Painting – Tuscany

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

 photo 2013PWPTuscanyPainting_zps1b235374.jpgI attended a “Party with Paint” for this painting.  After quite a few revisions,

I think I am finally finished with it.  At my grandson’s suggestion, I’m posting it on my blog for future reference.

It was fun to paint with the group although it was crowded and we had to slap the paint on very quickly–fun to see the

differences in the paintings as most had never painted before and it’s been decades for me.

Below is my initial version at the end of the painting class.

 photo 2013PWPTuscanyPainting-Initial_zps6c5f8e6a.jpgGeorge W. Bush and I have something in common during our retirement years–we are returning to art!

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