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Christmas Card Ornaments

Monday, January 4th, 2016

 photo 006_zpsaevmf4yk.jpg

I saw this idea for re-purposing Christmas cards—cut the cards into 1/2″ strips (I used the front of the card only).  I modified the original method by using an 18 gauge gold brass wire down through the center and a crimp to secure the strips against the beads at the top and bottom.  These are a little trickier than you would think–somewhat time consuming since I was developing my own method as I went.  The original idea didn’t use beads to embellish–but it’s a good way to use up the odds and ends from stock and do I ever have lots of that!

Bracelet: Crochet with Pearls

Monday, January 4th, 2016

 photo 002-001_zpsxhiyzcvi.jpg photo 004-001 2_zpsf52o7wzj.jpg photo 004-001_zpsnhuyvxxi.jpg

I plan to design a few more using metallic gold and silver crochet thread.  Easy method–string on the beads (the first two are 8mm, the last is 10mm). Thread the beads onto the crochet product.  I left the bulk of the thread connected to the open end rather than cutting it in order to not underestimate the length needed.  Crochet a single crochet loop to accommodate the bead size.  The loop should be snug but not too tight.  Close the loop with a single crochet on the starting single crochet and single crochet the bead with an additional stitch between the bead and the thread (alligator stitch).  Repeat until the length desired is achieved.   Weave in loose ends–I used a dab of adhesive on the end so it wouldn’t slip or be visible.  This bracelet can be adjustable by sliding the loop over the bead for the size needed.  Any type of bead or combination of beads could be used that will accommodate the thread passing through the bead hole.  These bracelets work up very fast.

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